Contact Shriram Greenfield apartment for sale Budigere Cross

Contact Shriram Greenfield apartment for sale Budigere Cross is, A green and eco friendly home for a lifetime:

  • Vast expanses of natural vegetation and greenery
  • Covered with flora, that reduce heat and create a pleasant micro climate
  • Special paints and adhesives used have a very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content for a healthy and chemical free environment
  • Rainwater Harvesting System (RWH) to maximize rainwater capture and reduce dependence on ground water

A lifetime of savings on bills:

  • Large windows and use of low emissivity glass which cuts out heat and lets light in provides excellent daylight and ventilation thus saving on electricity bills
  • Smart irrigation systems like central shut-off valve, timer based controllers, moisture controllers to save and control water usage
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures in the project will reduce water consumption
  • Wastewater is treated and reused to meet all requirements of landscape & flushing
  • Common area lighting will be solar-powered

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Shriram Greenfield Address

Doddathogur Rd, Konappana Agrahara, Budigere Cross, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100